Once you have selected a possible purchase site/property, you must (both for your own piece of mind, and to meet the requirements of Greek Law) arrange for your Architect/Structural Engineer to prepare, and sign, a Topographical Survey (known locally as a ‘topo’).

This will generally comprise a 1:100 triangulated Site Plan, giving details of boundaries and key dimensions. Existing title deeds (if they exist) can be vague regarding measurements.

Unlike many other EU countries, the boundaries of land and property in Crete are generally not clearly identified by walls or fences, and therefore this is an essential exercise.

The area of the plot will have a direct relationship on the area of the building you will be permitted to construct/extend on the land, this is known as the plots ‘construction coefficient’, which will depend on whether the plot is located within, or outside, the town/village boundaries.    

The ‘topo’ should in theory be provided by the Vendor, but in my experience this rarely happens, and if one is available, its accuracy may be questionable.  If a ‘topo’ is available, your Architect/Engineer must check that this correlates with the existing plot or building you are considering purchasing.   

‘Topo’ Survey costs depend on the size and complexity of the plot, but generally these costs should not exceed €450.00 (excluding *FPA).