Commitment and enthusiasm

It is important that the builder is reputable, and has:

  • experience in the type of works proposed,
  • is prepared to enter into a formal contractual arrangement with you,
  • enthusiasm and support in what you are trying to achieve

Financial status

There is of course no guarantee that your Contractor will not go bankrupt during the course of the works.

You should try and establish how long they have been trading, their financial standing, and the previous years’ turnover, particularly as a percentage of the value of the works you are proposing to undertake.


Establish how the building company is structured, and who you, and your Architect/Engineer, will be dealing with.


Confirm that I.K.A does NOT form part of the builder’s estimate, and discuss how I.K.A payments are to be dealt with during the course of the works. The options are:

  • pay your builder monthly, and agree in writing that he should make these payments on your behalf, and obtain a copy of the receipt for these payments, or
  • arrange for the person to whom you have granted Power of Attorney, to file details of workers within 10 days of the end of each calendar month, and make the necessary payments.


Establish if the builder has Public Liability insurance, and insurance covering his workforce.