What are current build costs in Crete?

This is always potentially dangerous territory, but as a guide of construction only costs:

Reinforced concrete framed ‘new build’ with insulated and rendered external brick walls

New build costs are between €1,250 to €1,650m2

(excluding Basements)

Ruin, in need of total renovation

It is almost impossible to give guide figures for the cost of renovating traditionally built stone houses, as factors affecting costs include:

  • the condition of the existing structure,
  • retention of existing features (stone arches, stone door and window jambs),
  • the extent of alteration works required,
  • requirement for additional floor area,
  • whether or not the structure is ‘Protected’ by the Archaeological Department

Cost of renovation €1,000m2

Swimming pools

Allow €450m2



The above 'Guide Rates' exclude Local Authority charges, Professional Fees, Building Permits and IKA.