Appoint an Architect/Structural Engineer

You will need to appoint a local Architect/Structural Engineer, whom you should ideally have met during your earlier ‘Inspection Visit(s)’.

I can provide recommendations for those wishing to undertake works in the Prefecture Chania area, otherwise get recommendations from local people or other ‘expats’ and owners of properties in the area that you particularly like.

Many Cretan Architects speak English, and the language barrier should not be a problem if discussions are held in a slow considerate manner.

Architects/Structural Engineers' fees are negotiable, and are usually calculated as a percentage of the total cost of the work.  As a guide, fees are about:

  • 4% of the construction cost for pre-contract design services, and
  • 3% of the construction cost for post contract administration services.

*FPA will be chargeable on the above costs.

For a notional breakdown of the above, please see Architects/Engineers’ fees.