The Pricing Document

The Schedules of Work is an extensive itemized document prepared by ourselves that provides measured quantities of the items of work identified on the Detailed Design Drawings and Building Specification.

The Schedules of Work assists the builders in the calculation of the construction costs for their tender, and importantly, means all tendering builders will be pricing on the same fair and accurate basis.

The builders insert their price for each measured item, which enables us to compare both the overall price, and individual items directly with other builders unit prices, allowing a detailed assessment of each aspects of a tender, and the opportunity to identify, and correct, any arithmetical or other errors.

The Schedules of Work may also include ‘Provisional Sums’, which are financial allowances for specific element of the works that are not yet defined in enough detail for the builders to accurately price (e.g. Allow the Provisional Sum of €7,500.00 for the supply of Kitchen Units).

The Schedules of Work will ultimately assist with any future tender negotiations, and will also:

  • assist with the agreement of the Contract Sum with the successful builder,
  • provide a basis for agreeing the cost of Variation/Change Orders,
  • provide a basis for the preparation of the Final Account