The following works should be completed by the Builder prior to handover:

  • deliver the building and the land, clean and free of any equipment, materials and tools,
  • make good all damage and remove temporary coverings and protective wrappings,
  • touch up minor faults in newly painted work, carefully matching colours, including repainting badly marked areas,
  • adjust, ease and lubricate moving parts of new work to ensure easy operation of all doors, windows, drawers, ironmongery, appliances and controls,
  • rod through, flush and test to the satisfaction of the Architect/Engineer all drains and manholes and leave in a proper working order,
  • clean all floors, steps, pavings, sanitary fittings, glasswork (internally and externally) and leave the whole of the premises clean, satisfactory and ready for immediate occupation,
  • test and commission the electrical and plumbing and heating systems,
  • leave the Works secure with all doors locked and window shutters closed, and hand to the Employer all keys, tagged and labelled