This Specification defines the performance required for the proposed design and installation of an OUTDOOR swimming pool, and sets out the requirements of the installation, but does not relieve the Contractor of his total responsibility for the design and installation of any part to achieve the necessary performance.

Alt 1:  Pool type

The swimming pool shall be constructed as a:

freeboard (or ‘skimmer’) pool, in which the water level is generally 15cm – 20cm below the surrounding pool deck, and skimmers located around the upper perimeter of the pool shell to remove contaminates,

Alt 2:  Pool type

The swimming pool shall be constructed as a:

deck level (or ‘overflow’ or ‘infinity’) pools are those in which the water in the pool is at the same level as the perimeter pool surround. Water is continuously displaced into a perimeter surface mounted channel and grating, discharging the water into an underground ‘balance’ tank, and then returned to the filtration plant.      

Design Criteria – Swimming Pool

The pool construction should be designed assuming the following:

  • Pool size 8.00m x 4.00m (internal)
  • Depths Shallow end  -  1.00m
  • Deep end     -  2.10m
  • Plan shape Rectangular
  • Pool cover Yes - manual
  • Available fuel Electricity

Design Criteria – Pool Equipment Room

The Pool Equipment Room should be large enough to house the pool pump and filtration equipment, pool cleaner and pole together with storage of pool chemicals.

There is no requirement to house sunbeds or parasols in the Pool Equipment Room.

Pool structure, finishes and fittings


The Contractor shall carry out the disconnection of existing services and the demolition/breaking up and removal from site of the existing outdoor swimming pool including all redundant items of plant and equipment.

Excavation and disposal

The Contractor shall carry out the excavation of the Pool Shell, Pool Cover Pit (if appropriate) and the Pool Equipment Room; surplus spoil shall be removed from site.

Pool shell, Cover Pit and Pool Equipment Room

The Pool Shell, Cover Pit and Pool Equipment Room shall be of a monolithic reinforced concrete construction, all as detailed on the Architect/Structural Engineer’s Drawings.

Pool finishes

The Pool shell and steps shall be rendered in waterproof sand and cement and fully tiled with 20mm x 20mm vitreous glass mosaic tiles to all 'floor' and 'wall' surfaces.

A double row of coloured glass mosaic tiles shall be fixed at all step 'nosings'.

A 40cm x 40cm x 15mm thick non-slip bull-nosed 'coping' tile shall be laid around the perimeter of the Pool Shell (colour to be selected by the Employer).

Pool fittings

The Contractor shall allow for providing:-

2Nr. 12volt 300watt waterproofed underwater safety lights (location to be agreed) switched from a panel located in the Pool Equipment Room, and

1No stainless steel pool ladder with stainless steel treads and anchor fixings

Mechanical Services

The Contractor shall be responsible for the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the following items, as appropriate:

  • Pool pump(s)
  • Pool filtration
  • Salt chlorinators
  • Dosing pumps
  • Automatic controls
  • and all associated interconnecting pipework and valves

Electrical Services

The Electrical Services shall comprise the design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the complete Electrical Installation.

Allow for providing power supplies from the Main House, terminating in a Consumer Unit/fused isolator in the Pool Equipment Room.

Include for wiring all control circuits to filtration pumps, time clocks and pool lights and for providing connections between the units and the Consumer Unit/fused isolator.

Pool Cover

Supplying and installing an automatic pool cover with a single phase motor unit to be housed in a pit constructed behind the pool shell and below floor level.

Pool cover slats shall be 'White'.

Record Drawings and Operating and Maintenance (O&M) Instructions

The Contractor shall supply a comprehensive set of Record Drawings showing the installation as installed including positions of valves, drain cocks, air vents and control equipment, which shall be submitted to the Architect/Structural Engineer for approval.

The Contractor shall include for instructing the Employer regarding:

  • the function and operation of the pool water treatment plant
  • chemicals and pool water chemistry
  • operation of the pool equipment
  • functions of the electrical controls

Testing and Commissioning

Commission all equipment, balance the pool water, and carry out all other works to ensure that all systems function correctly.

Isolation for Maintenance

All services such as plant and equipment shall be provided with means of isolation to enable both routine and emergency maintenance to be undertaken.

Labelling and Identification

All plant and equipment shall be provided with suitable identification labels.