Supervision and Site Meetings

Your Architect/Engineer should arrange and attend site at regular intervals, and hold Site Meetings with the Contractor, and issue Minutes.

The purpose of these Site Meetings is to:

  • check and record the progress of works on site,
  • provide the Contractor with any information he may require to complete the works and to avoid delays,
  • check compliance with the Building Code,
  • check the quality of the workmanship,
  • review Health and Safety provisions

Progress photographs should be taken at each Site Meeting. 

Independent Building Inspections

Inspection is now mandatory under the Building Code, and authorized independent Inspectors are randomly assigned by the Local Authority to audit every building project.

These inspections are undertaken:

  • on completion of the foundation formwork (and prior to the pouring of the concrete foundations, and
  • on completion of the building and landscaping works

Your appointed Architect/Engineer cannot undertake these post contract Building Inspection duties.

You should budget approx. €240.00 per Inspection visit.